taught by Mikkala Marilyn Kissi
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Mikkala  Marilyn Kissi
Mikkala Marilyn Kissi

About the instructor

Mikkala Marilyn Kissi is the embodiment of Living Yolates. Her background is a hybrid of multiple educations and experiences within dance, yoga, pilates, nutrition and kinesiology. Living Yolates is a reflection of that and most important, holistic. Mikkala has a degree in Performing Art and Body Control from the London Studio Centre, which is one of Europe’s most renowned dance schools. Mikkala is always developing and searching for new knowledge to be able to teach with renewed energy and joy. In 2010 she took a “brush up” class in Pilates with Birgitte Nymann at DGI, to get an update on the latest developments in Pilates. In 2011 she attended a Paul Dallaghan Yoga Workshop in Thailand, and followed a Yoga and Nutrition course with Sara Granström-Thorsson. In 2012 Mikkala became a yoga instructor with the yoga and meditation guru, Ratheesh Mani at Enzo Yoga House. Mikkala is also educated Body Master with Pheobe Corelli in NYC.

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Course Curriculum

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Yoga alignment
Pilates alignment
Dancing technique